About Techbyte Solutions

Techbyte Solutions was founded in 2020 by several technicians dissatisfied by the range and quality of services available in Launceston. Our objective is to combine IT services and customer support that's compariable to premium IT providers available globally, to the field of small and medium-sized businesses. To this end, Techbyte will take care of your Internet, phone, security, and IT support, as well as any other technical requirements.

With the help of leading national, and international service providers, Techbyte provides personalized and straightforward support to multiple customers and clients of many sizes across Tasmania.

Techbyte also provides services to the consumer market, and can handle the repair or IT service of most gadgets that aren't working as expected. Whether your phone needs to be repaired or your business needs new IT service ideas, Techbyte can provide you with the best solutions.